Vydate ®Azul 24 SL

  • Nematicida

VydateTM Blue is a nematicide used in the following way: Directly to yourelo It is absorbed by the root and translocated to the foliage. On banana use with the applicator designed specifically for VydateTM Blue. Use this product only on commercial crops on farms and not on home crops. Resistance Management: Oxamyl is a member of group 1A. Repeated and exclusive use of VydateTM Blue or another group 1A insecticide can Resistance management lead to the accumulation of resistance chains in insects on some crops. Not all members of this group have been shown to have cross-resistance mechanisms. Different resistance mechanisms that are not linked to target sites of action, such as increased metabolism, are common for this group of chemicals.



Banano (Musa spp.)